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We are the San Joaquin Valley Chapter of LPA.  Dwarfs or other people of short statue (either proportionate or disproportionate) come from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. Most people with dwarfism are born to average-size parents with no history of dwarfism in the family. Although some types of dwarfism may have associated medical complications, most short-statured individuals have a normal life span and normal intelligence. In fact, people with dwarfism have achieved the same range of career paths as average-size persons, including doctors, lawyers, ministers, teachers, welders, and artists. Our Parents Group provides valuable information and opportunities for families. Children meet short-statured adult role models as well as other children with dwarfism. It is important to know that they are not alone. Parents exchange ideas and learn about health care, adapting the home and school, laws that address their children's needs, and everyday community experiences.

Our chapter stretches throughout most of the Central Valley of California. We hope you enjoy traveling because our meetings and parties usually spread out quite a bit. This site offers you heart-warming and personal stories about our members so you may have a chance to get to know them better. Every quarter we distribute our newsletter so you will be sure to be informed on what's going on. This website will have many topics to choose from including medical articles, doctor-related info, kid's stuff, and much more. We hope you can participate with us, too. Our chapter is diverse and large which makes it to be very interesting and different than most. When you are visiting our area, please drop by an event and join in. We love to have members from all over the LPA family come by and say "hi." We will do our best to keep our events calendar up-to-date. Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.


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